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Venturigo – Envelop Airtightness Test

The Value of Airtightness


40% of all energy is used in buildings and 5% leaks out. This means that airtightness and insulation are the most cost efficient way to reduce energy consumption.


With the latest technology from our European partner, we can test large buildings efficiently in a single test, providing the most accurate result. Cutting edge technology ensures the best possible results, and meest the current standards in Estidama, Masdar and ATTMA.


Real Time Monitoring


With our new sensors we can measure and monitor the energy waste and moisture penetration through the envelope in real-time.  Every minute.  All year.

This will give you the unique information on how your building is performing and what it takes to reduce energy costs and moisture in the construction.


The whole test takes a few hours instead of days or weeks in the traditional testing approach.


Save Money


A failed airtightness test translates to losing a lot of energy in air leaks and hence more energy required to cool the building. Venturigo helps you determine the percentage of leakage in your building so you make you building more airtight and hence more energy efficient.


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